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Raise it up for Rainbow Riders!

Rainbow Riders is Newfoundland and Labrador’s only nationally certified therapeutic riding centre. For over 20 years, it has been a source of strength, inspiration and friendship for young people with special needs. Here, a child in a wheelchair acquires legs to run through a field. A child with autism makes connections. Community grows. Magical things happen. But, right now, Rainbow Riders needs an upgrade. 

Rainbow Riders’ important work is being done in facilities that cannot meet current and future needs. To continue and enhance its programs, it needs our help. So let’s Raise It Up together!

Message from Paul Antle, Campaign Chair

Young people with disabilities often find it a challenge to take part in the physical and social activities many of us take for granted.  Rainbow Riders changes this. It uses the unique relationship between child and horse to improve physical conditioning, communication skills and social connections. I know from personal experience the generous spirit of horses, their healing potential, and the power of organizations like this one. And so I am honoured to be contributing to this project, and thank the Rainbow Riders Board of Directors for inviting our team to lead this campaign! 

I am sure as you read on you will share my commitment to support this unique community organization. Rainbow Riders’ success stories and the exceptional people who make them happen challenge and inspire us to do better, do more.

Campaign Cabinet Rainbow Riders Board of Directors

Our vision to do more

Rainbow Riders is at a critical turning point: demand is well beyond capacity. Just when the value of therapeutic riding is receiving more and more recognition, crumbling infrastructure is threatening existing programs and preventing the organization from doing more of what it does best. 

But we can change this. Read on to learn about the importance of therapeutic riding and how we plan to support it. With your help, we will do more!

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