What We’re Building

We are building potential. It is programs like these that bring children, as they grow, from being dependent, to independent members of society. We are breaking down barriers and creating happier, more fulfilling lives. To enable these programs, Rainbow Riders needs new infrastructure. So Raise It Up has committed to providing it.

For more kids to ride, ride more often, and enjoy a complete riding experience, this campaign is raising four million dollars. This investment will support:


Rainbow Riders is located on 14 acres in the heart of Pippy Park and close to many partner organizations. A therapeutic riding centre in the heart of this province’s capital region will stand as a community investment in inclusiveness and will be a place where the abilities of these children are showcased.


Research Potential

Rainbow Riders’ location places it close to major postsecondary educational institutions, a large health research cluster, and other centres for children with disabilities (such as the Autism Centre and Easter Seals House). This is unique among therapeutic riding centres in Canada - most of which are far outside urban areas - and presents a natural opportunity to establish research partnerships to more fully understand and measure the benefits of therapeutic riding. Interest has already been expressed in shorter-term research projects as well as longitudinal studies that take a more comprehensive and integrated look at these benefits.