Programs are year-round, operating on a semester system that will be extended significantly when the new facility is built.

Seasonal Programs

Spring, summer and fall programs offer 10-12 weeks of therapeutic riding lessons at levels beginning with initiation programs for tiny–tots through to young adults at non-competitive and competitive levels. There are usually no more than three riders in a learning group, and each rider’s safety is ensured by three dedicated volunteers overseen by the riding instructor.

Summer Camps

In summer, weeklong camps provide a more rapid introduction for some; for others, the opportunity to do more of what they truly love. These are typically half-days with the opportunity to participate with siblings, and/or add afternoon lessons.

Equine Interaction

Rainbow Riders works with the Newfoundland and Labrador Autism Society to offer an Equine Interaction Program. This is a non-riding program where young adults gain life skills and build strong bonds with their equine partners as they learn to groom, lead and feed them. Many make the transition from this experience into work in farming and livestock environments and/or volunteering at Rainbow Riders, fulfilling their need to work and socialize.

Family and Social Events

Engaging families and the larger community in celebrating the success of each student is important at Rainbow Riders. This encourages inclusiveness and shows the community first–hand what is being accomplished. Family fun days, equestrian shows and volunteer recognition events at Rainbow Riders build positive energy and a strong sense of community.