Expanding a world of possibilities: Robyn Andrews

Five days a week, 52 weeks a year, Robyn is training. Her sights are set on the 2016 Paralympics, and she is competing everywhere from France to Florida to get there. And it all started with Rainbow Riders.

Robyn, a competitive figure skater, began riding as a form of therapy after a surgery-related accident left her completely paralyzed. Following years of intensive therapy, she joined Rainbow Riders. “Although I began riding to help with balance and core strength, I soon learned that it also filled the competitive void left when I was forced to end my figure skating career.”

Robyn is nearly brought to tears when asked about the relationship with her horse, Fancy. “When riding my horse, she becomes my legs. And together the two of us can take on the world.” Being introduced to the world of horses was nothing less than life changing. “Without the Rainbow Riders team, I would not have been able to pursue my goals and accomplish what I have so far.”

“It is essential that the community support Rainbow Riders,” says Robyn. “There are very few activities available here for disabled youth, and participating in a variety of activities is what provides a sense of normality. But not only that; the public doesn’t often have the opportunity to witness the intense prowess of disabled youth. Not that it comes easy; it requires a lot of patience and commitment! But Rainbow Riders is in a unique position to open a child’s world to competitive sport. I am proof of that. Rainbow Riders has the passion and skill, but it also needs the resources.”