Gaining much and giving back: Stephanie Griffiths

“Every kid needs a thing... Rainbow Riders became my special thing to do,” says Stephanie Griffiths. Stephanie became a rider 21 years ago and is now a teacher and the organization’s volunteer program director. She is keen on getting the word out on what Rainbow Riders has meant to her and other children. “There are so many wonderful things about Rainbow Riders that people just don’t know about. It’s not just riding a horse. Everyone here works almost exclusively with kids with disabilities, and so each child’s experience is special in a safe and non-judgmental environment. As a child’s riding skills improve, their confidence soars, as mine has since becoming involved with Rainbow Riders.”

When asked about where she would like to see Rainbow Riders in the future, there is no sitting on the fence with Stephanie. “Show Day at Rainbow Riders is my favorite day because so many kids are beaming with pride about what they have accomplished. I would like to see Rainbow Riders have the facilities to enable more kids to ride and experience their favorite day here. Our facilities are old and I dream of the time when our barn is fully accessible for kids in wheelchairs and we have a real classroom for kids to learn about riding.”