A better facility means more programs and stronger, happier kids.

Horseback riding is a natural therapy with clinical benefits. Even the Ancient Greeks recognized the healing power of horses. The nature of therapeutic riding is such that children with a wide variety of conditions benefit from it. These range from physical conditions such as spinal injuries or muscular dystrophy to behavioural conditions and cognitive and sensory conditions such as autism or visual impairment. There is no questioning why such programs should exist. Therapists, doctors, social workers and advocacy groups all refer children with special needs to Rainbow Riders. Any child facing physical, cognitive or emotional challenges is encouraged to participate and no child is turned away for financial reasons.

Unfortunately, however, children are often unable to join Rainbow Riders for years due to limited capacity. There is always a waitlist, and demand keeps growing. So we have launched Raise It Up!

It will be the cooperation of many that ensures all youth who want to ride, can - and that all students will ride frequently enough to fully reap the benefits of therapeutic riding.

We exist because of our collective obligation to sustain opportunities for youth with disabilities in our province. We exist to rally the community behind Rainbow Riders, to expand its footprint and improve its facilities.